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Single Mom’s need inspiration too!

August 25, 2009

I don’t know how much of  “my story” you know but when I was just starting my business in art licensing, I ended up getting divorced.  Now if you have gotten divorced or know anyone who has had the displeasure of going through the experience you know that a person’s self-esteem is not at its high point.

I have talked to different people about the business of art licensing and how I got started and mentioned this “cross road” moment… do you keep trying in spite of the turmoil in your life (I had a 10 year old at the time as well!) or do you go the safe route and get a regular job?  I obviously decided to follow my passion and would love to help other women (or men) do the same.  Five years later I’m “through the fire” as I sometimes say and life is great.  It takes a lot of work but it can be done!


On August 13, 2009 I had the honor of being a guest on “The Carolyn Gable Show” – an internet radio show to encourage and empower single moms to live their dreams. Here is the official information about it from the website:

About the show:
A live, call in show focused on empowering single mothers to achieve their dreams. Get the word out to all your friends and family who are single moms!
Call the show at 877-474-3302, Listen at

Show Info:
The challenges facing single mothers are diverse, and every day is different from the last. From time management to financial struggles to sharing custody while still being “mom”, Carolyn and her guest will help you overcome your specific challenges.

As a single mother of 7 children, ages 9 to 34, the CEO of New Age Transportation, founder of Expect A Miracle Foundation, Author, and Professional Speaker, she shares her life experiences on how to overcome the struggles of a single parent.

About the Host:
Carolyn’s rags to riches story seems impossible to believe. After graduating high school, she wandered as a beautician for a year until she settled as a waitress. Twelve years later and raising two children by herself, she took a risk that changed her life forever. Today, Carolyn is a single mother of 7, ages 9 to 34, and continues to manage a successful business career, philanthropy, motivational speaker, all while balancing the responsibilities of ‘mom’

Host Website:

If you want to download and listen to the segment I participated in, CLICK HERE.  Share it with a friend who might need some inspiration.  See who the weekly guests are.  It’s a great show and maybe just what the doctor ordered!  Thank you again Carolyn, it was a pleasure to be able to talk with you and share my experience with you and your audience.

– Tara