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Dog Chef spotted at Home Goods… but where is the Cooking Cat?

October 9, 2009


My sister emailed me this photo of my “Dog Chef” that she found at Home Goods.  It came with a reprimand for not telling her to look for it. 🙂  That is the beauty and the curse of licensing, sometimes you just don’t know where your things are.

If you want some cooking cats or dogs in your kitchen and can’t find them in your local store, click on the link below and grab a print or two online.  And email me if you ever spot things out in the world too!

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Bunco anyone? My new product line is putting art on the Bunco table.

October 7, 2009

It has been an interesting journey to Bunco land.

My friend wanted me to go to BlogWorld – a convention in Las Vegas where all the intense bloggers gather to talk blogs, network and who knows what else. (This will be my first trip.)

Being easily persuadable and interested in new networking possibilities, I get on a plane on October 15th.  But what will I talk about? What do I have to offer these bloggers that will be a win-win?

I went back to a Digital Birthday Party Kit idea I had a while back.  That moved slightly to the right to a ‘print your own bingo’ concept.  Then over toast and eggs with a girlfriend, it morphed into


I’m excited and let me tell you why!

First, it is women who like and buy my art. (mostly)

It is estimated that 7 million women play Bunco regularly in the U.S. (and 17 million have played at some time.)

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Bunco is dice game that serves as a way to connect, build community and have a great time – what better place for my art! Noticing that the same (boring) score sheets are often used month after month, I decided to “change the look of Bunco, one party at a time.”

One of my new missions is to put art on the Bunco table. I need some help telling the 7 million Bunco regulars so feel free to tell everyone you know, ok?

There are 15 themes and more on the way. There is a free kit just for signing up for a monthly newsletter.  Immediate downloads. Personalize and print at home. Make your next party as unique as you are!


I’ll be blogging more about it but wanted to give you the overview.  I would also like to give you a little bribe for checking it out, trying it and sharing the information with everyone you know who plays Bunco.

As a website launch, use the code “NEWBUNCO” to receive 50% off your first Bunco Party Kit.  (Good through November 30th)

So what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE and check it out!

– Tara

Doing a “Happy Dance” – my new “Play Your Song” fabric line is amazing!

September 13, 2009


My latest fabric collection from South Sea Imports is a big hit with my family.  My son, brother and sister-in-law all play guitar and are fighting for pieces of my fabric.  I have yet to decide who gets what and may just send them all to the store to buy their own!

Musical notes, instruments and messages like Play Your Song and Listen with Your Heart add emotion to the art.  SO… dance on down to your favorite fabric store today and ask to see the “Play Your Song” collection from Tara Reed.

If you would like a free project sheet that includes a quilt, piano bench cover and 2 notebook inserts (all designed by the good people at South Sea Imports), CLICK HERE.  And if you make something you love with the fabric, let me know!  I’d love to post a picture.


Happy creating!

– Tara

Reindeer Stamps are ready for your Christmas crafting…

September 8, 2009

“Anything But Plain-Jane” has done it again!  Look what she did with one of my new holiday stamps from Janlynn:

Sunday, September 6, 2009

“Santa’s Reindeer” ..and a twist..a “Tara Reed” design

This is a card I made using a stamp from “Janlynn” called “Santa’s Reindeer”
Even tho you can make a million cute Christmas cards with this guy I decided he looked like he could be missing someone too… I have been blessed to have my 4 children home with me every Christmas but one. My oldest (30 next month) lives in North Carolina and one year he decided he should work instead. That was one of the worst holidays I ever had. We thought it would be okay, ..he needed the money…WRONG..On Christmas day we KNEW we had figured wrong. We missed him so much and things were just not the same. Since then we have been together every Christmas. Now I know this wont always be..but for now I will appreciate it! My heart just breaks for our Military men away from their families at Christmas and I dont know how they do it. God Bless them ALL and their families. On to the card recipe! DP is Memory Box, “Dewfrost”. I used a couple MS punches and colored with Copics! TFL! Check out all the new and CUTE stamps over at Janlynn. You wont be disapointed!

Posted by Jane Wetzel at 6:23 PM

To see more of what Jane is up to… visit

Thanks Jane and keep up the cute work!  I’ll draw, you stamp, we’ll both share.  Deal?

– Tara

Halloween Mugs at Ross!

August 30, 2009

One of my favorite Halloween collections to date, “Midnight Monsters”, is now available on coffee mugs at Ross Dress for Less stores nationwide.  If you are a Ross shopper you know it’s like a ‘treasure hunt’ – you can never be sure what you will come across in each store.  So head out today if you hope to add these fun characters to your Halloween collection!


– Tara

P.S.  Like these designs?  They are also available in many independent fabric stores… 10 designs in all.  CLICK HERE to see the blog post about the fabric line.

Single Mom’s need inspiration too!

August 25, 2009

I don’t know how much of  “my story” you know but when I was just starting my business in art licensing, I ended up getting divorced.  Now if you have gotten divorced or know anyone who has had the displeasure of going through the experience you know that a person’s self-esteem is not at its high point.

I have talked to different people about the business of art licensing and how I got started and mentioned this “cross road” moment… do you keep trying in spite of the turmoil in your life (I had a 10 year old at the time as well!) or do you go the safe route and get a regular job?  I obviously decided to follow my passion and would love to help other women (or men) do the same.  Five years later I’m “through the fire” as I sometimes say and life is great.  It takes a lot of work but it can be done!


On August 13, 2009 I had the honor of being a guest on “The Carolyn Gable Show” – an internet radio show to encourage and empower single moms to live their dreams. Here is the official information about it from the website:

About the show:
A live, call in show focused on empowering single mothers to achieve their dreams. Get the word out to all your friends and family who are single moms!
Call the show at 877-474-3302, Listen at

Show Info:
The challenges facing single mothers are diverse, and every day is different from the last. From time management to financial struggles to sharing custody while still being “mom”, Carolyn and her guest will help you overcome your specific challenges.

As a single mother of 7 children, ages 9 to 34, the CEO of New Age Transportation, founder of Expect A Miracle Foundation, Author, and Professional Speaker, she shares her life experiences on how to overcome the struggles of a single parent.

About the Host:
Carolyn’s rags to riches story seems impossible to believe. After graduating high school, she wandered as a beautician for a year until she settled as a waitress. Twelve years later and raising two children by herself, she took a risk that changed her life forever. Today, Carolyn is a single mother of 7, ages 9 to 34, and continues to manage a successful business career, philanthropy, motivational speaker, all while balancing the responsibilities of ‘mom’

Host Website:

If you want to download and listen to the segment I participated in, CLICK HERE.  Share it with a friend who might need some inspiration.  See who the weekly guests are.  It’s a great show and maybe just what the doctor ordered!  Thank you again Carolyn, it was a pleasure to be able to talk with you and share my experience with you and your audience.

– Tara

Ready to “get stampy” for Christmas? Two of Tara’s holiday stamps are now available at Michael’s

August 24, 2009

Yippee! I went in to Michael’s this afternoon to see if the holiday rubber stamp end cap was up yet and the answer is YES! So what happened next?  I had to find mine then scope out the store for some crafters that might have steady hands and be willing to snap a pic with my iPhone.  Obviously I was shopping alone – always more fun to find your things with a friend to jump up and down in the aisles with you but sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. But that doesn’t stop me – I still do my little happy dance, both inside and out.

So here is what you can find at your local Michael’s (among other things of course) – the row of smiling snowmen and a brand new swirly holly.  Both from Janlynn, the makers of Stamps Happen brand stamps.  If you happen to get them and make something fun, please email me a photo – it always makes my day and often makes my blog. 🙂

Happy creating!

– Tara


Gear up for fall with some fashion advice from a witch!

August 16, 2009

Crafter and blogger Jane Wetzel or “not so plain Jane” blogged about one of my rubber stamps yesterday – I was so excited to see what she did! I’m always SO EXCITED to see what anyone does with my designs – be they rubber stamps, fabric, whatever… if you want to share, email me.  It truly does make my day!  With Jane’s permission, I have re-published her blog here…

Witches Shoes..A Tara Reed design for Janlynn Stamps

Just in time for Fall I got this cute stamp from Janlynn stamps! How cute are these “Witches shoes”?? ha ha! Love em! I used some dp from the BG Ambrosia pad and my cuttlebug. Then I dusted off my SU markers and colored along with some Copics. Got to use my new MS punches ( loops and the branch) and the sentiment is an old stamp I found at my lcc. I found this cat face button in JoAnn’s and couldnt resist putting it on this card! TFL!
If you are crafty at heart and want to see more of what Not-so-plain-Jane is blogging about, go here =>
Picture 7
If you just absolutely, must have this witch shoe stamp and can’t wait another minute to get it, CLICK HERE to order it online from the manufacturer.
One thing I love about the stamps I design for Janlynn/Stamps Happen is that they are pretty – they use full color stickers on the wood so you can see how I originally painted the art or they just look cute on your desk, bookshelf, where ever.  Functional and decorative craft supplies – can’t beat that! While you are over on the Janlynn site, just type in “Tara Reed” in the search box to see all my designs… (and a few other things that for some unknown reason get pulled up – they promise they are working on that!)
Halloween will be here before you know it so start your stamping projects now!

Check out a great blog & win my Green Calendar & stamps

August 14, 2009

I am so honored to be a ‘guest blogger’ over at  A little over a year ago I didn’t think I’d blog at all – now I have 2 of my own and get to guest blog for others.  Who would have thought?

The mission of Craft for Health is to inspire and highlight all the ways crafting is good for… yup! your health.  Physical health, mental health – my latest post is about the health of the planet.


I’m giving away my calendar and 2 green themed stamps if you check out the post and comment… you have to do it by August 20th so if you want in, click here and head over NOW!

Best of luck!

– Tara

Coffee & Wine Lovers Rejoice!

August 11, 2009

I was on the Oregon coast this past weekend for a friend’s wedding.  Craig & I got there early and walked through the outlet mall in Lincoln City to kill some time.

“Let’s go in Kitchen Collections,” I said, “they sometimes carry some of my coasters…”


We only had to go about 3 feet into the store before we found a spinner with 3 of my absorbent coaster designs!  Exciting! (“Life is too short to drink bad wine”, “The end Justifies the Beans” and “Cup Size Matters”.)

KitchenCollection-CarstersThen we walked around the rest of the store and found 2 of my ‘carster’ designs – handy absorbent coasters that fit in your cup holder… hence the name: ‘carster’.  (“Caffeine is not a drug, it’s a vitamin” and “I break for Coffee”)

SO… if you are in or near an outlet mall, head in to Kitchen Collections and pick up some fun coasters for your house, your car, your mother, your friends… whoever!  Just be sure to get the ones that say “©Tara Reed”, OK?

– Tara