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This blog has moved…

October 20, 2009

If you happen to have bookmarked this blog site, first let me say  THANK YOU!  I am flattered!

I have moved the blog to a blog (from this .com blog) – it gives me more flexibility and features and I finally found the time to get it done!  So from now on, you can find my blog here…

Come on over!  – Tara


Halloween Window Cling Pictures from Menards

October 12, 2009


A BIG “Thank You” to Brenda Baker for sending me these photos of my window clings actually hanging in a Menards store!  I don’t have them here so no chance for me to ‘visit’.

Brenda also told me that her daughter has been re-arranging the pumpkin clings about twice a day! That’s what makes window clings so much fun – what an inexpensive way to keep the kids amused.  They can be moved many times and still cling just as well.  When my son was little I used to let him play with them on the car window as we drove around doing errands…

Thanks again for sending me the photos Brenda – I appreciate it!

– Tara


Dog Chef spotted at Home Goods… but where is the Cooking Cat?

October 9, 2009


My sister emailed me this photo of my “Dog Chef” that she found at Home Goods.  It came with a reprimand for not telling her to look for it. 🙂  That is the beauty and the curse of licensing, sometimes you just don’t know where your things are.

If you want some cooking cats or dogs in your kitchen and can’t find them in your local store, click on the link below and grab a print or two online.  And email me if you ever spot things out in the world too!

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Bunco anyone? My new product line is putting art on the Bunco table.

October 7, 2009

It has been an interesting journey to Bunco land.

My friend wanted me to go to BlogWorld – a convention in Las Vegas where all the intense bloggers gather to talk blogs, network and who knows what else. (This will be my first trip.)

Being easily persuadable and interested in new networking possibilities, I get on a plane on October 15th.  But what will I talk about? What do I have to offer these bloggers that will be a win-win?

I went back to a Digital Birthday Party Kit idea I had a while back.  That moved slightly to the right to a ‘print your own bingo’ concept.  Then over toast and eggs with a girlfriend, it morphed into


I’m excited and let me tell you why!

First, it is women who like and buy my art. (mostly)

It is estimated that 7 million women play Bunco regularly in the U.S. (and 17 million have played at some time.)

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Bunco is dice game that serves as a way to connect, build community and have a great time – what better place for my art! Noticing that the same (boring) score sheets are often used month after month, I decided to “change the look of Bunco, one party at a time.”

One of my new missions is to put art on the Bunco table. I need some help telling the 7 million Bunco regulars so feel free to tell everyone you know, ok?

There are 15 themes and more on the way. There is a free kit just for signing up for a monthly newsletter.  Immediate downloads. Personalize and print at home. Make your next party as unique as you are!


I’ll be blogging more about it but wanted to give you the overview.  I would also like to give you a little bribe for checking it out, trying it and sharing the information with everyone you know who plays Bunco.

As a website launch, use the code “NEWBUNCO” to receive 50% off your first Bunco Party Kit.  (Good through November 30th)

So what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE and check it out!

– Tara