Coffee & Wine Lovers Rejoice!

I was on the Oregon coast this past weekend for a friend’s wedding.  Craig & I got there early and walked through the outlet mall in Lincoln City to kill some time.

“Let’s go in Kitchen Collections,” I said, “they sometimes carry some of my coasters…”


We only had to go about 3 feet into the store before we found a spinner with 3 of my absorbent coaster designs!  Exciting! (“Life is too short to drink bad wine”, “The end Justifies the Beans” and “Cup Size Matters”.)

KitchenCollection-CarstersThen we walked around the rest of the store and found 2 of my ‘carster’ designs – handy absorbent coasters that fit in your cup holder… hence the name: ‘carster’.  (“Caffeine is not a drug, it’s a vitamin” and “I break for Coffee”)

SO… if you are in or near an outlet mall, head in to Kitchen Collections and pick up some fun coasters for your house, your car, your mother, your friends… whoever!  Just be sure to get the ones that say “©Tara Reed”, OK?

– Tara

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