Teach your kids about the benefits of eating squash with illustrations by Tara Reed

In the fall I had the pleasure of working with Duke Christoffersen of Brainfood Garden illustrating his funny tale of “Fred the Fish and the Squash that Goes Squish”.  A talented and funny writer, the stories just seem to pour out of him!  His mission is to make learning about health and nutrition fun for kids.

I loved that he was also open to suggestion.  While working on the art, I thought four malamute dogs might be a little dull and had a great idea for a pink poodle who kept everyone organized and on track… he liked and it she is in the book, clip board, whistle and all!

We also created a great “Be Healthy” poster featuring the characters from the book that is perfect for classrooms, childcare facilities, home schooling… you have wall space?  Grab a poster! CLICK HERE to see both the book and poster at “Bottom of the Sea” prices…


I was equally excited when Duke called to tell me the book was going to be adapted for the iPhone and iTouch by iStory Time.  How cool is that to be able to put books on your phone for your kids to read or listen to. (They are narrated.)  If you have or know kids today you know they are much more technically saavy than when I was young! CLICK HERE to see Fred & friends as well as other titles from iStory Time…

Picture 22

Here’s to having fun and staying healthy!

– Tara


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