Personalized Paper Products featuring the art of Tara Reed is ready!

I am so pleased to announce a brand new licensee:

This online site provides a wide variety of products to personalize, all in the comfort of your own home. And with $6 flat rate shipping, you can order as much as you want without worrying about how much it will weigh.

More than 150 of my images are available for you to put on everything from note pads to note cards, address labels, stickers, clothing labels and more.  You pick the art, then decide what you want to say.  What a great way to thank a teacher or find something unique for dear Aunt Madge who has everything.  Everything put a notepad with cool art and her name on it that is!

Here is how it works:

1.  Head to the website.  This is the home page — it shows you the types of products and the different designers whose art is available.  I circled my logo at the bottom in case you missed it. 🙂

You can click on a logo and see all the designs from that artist, but every design doesn’t work on every product so you can’t really go anywhere from there.  It is a great way to see the variety of topics though.

2.  Click on a product under “Shop Products” and you will see what is available.  I clicked on Gift Tags and it gave me two choices. 

3. Select the product you are interested in. Now you see more detailed information, including pricing, about the item.  If you want to order this product, click on “Personalize this Product”.

4. You will have a list of all the images that can be chosen for this product.  You can click on any to see what they are, but assuming you want to see my art (shameless self-promotion, I know!), use the pull-down menu next to “Designers” and choose “Tara Reed”.

5.  Click on any of the images and it will show you what it looks like.  If you like it, click on “Next”.

6.  Now you choose the font, color and size.  The far right is where you personalize — for this product, you have up to 2 lines.  If you want to leave a line blank, you just put a space so they know you didn’t forget about it.

Get creative – use names, add a sentiment (“Happy Birthday”), etc.  It’s all about you!

7.  The final step is where they put it all together and you see what you have created before opening your wallet.  If you aren’t happy with the font, size, saying or color, simply click “Purchase or Edit” and make any changes.  (For some reason, even if you are happy, you have to go back a step and then click the gold “Purchase” tab at the top.  Don’t ask me, I did the art, not the web design.)

That’s it!

So head on over and start your holiday shopping early!

Have a creative day — Tara


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2 Responses to “Personalized Paper Products featuring the art of Tara Reed is ready!”

  1. Collene Kennedy Says:

    Too fluffin’ adorable! Or maybe better yet, too “Ruff-ruff ruffin’ adorable!”
    Dang! You are one talented gal!

    I”m forwarding to “animal people!”


  2. Valerie McGlaughlin Says:


    Awesome … email me your address.


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