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Tara Reed’s art makes a SPLASH in Nutrition!

October 2, 2008

Attention parents and teachers alike!

There’s a new fish on the block and his name is Fred…

Fred saves his own tail (and the rest of him, too!) when he introduces his hungry fish-eating friends to tasty, healthy squash!  Just as Fred’s friends learn that squash is delicious and healthy, kids will be entertained too as they learn that trying new foods is not only good for you, but fun!

Written by the very talented and funny Duke Christoffersen, I was thrilled to be able to work with him to illustrate this iceberg adventure featuring a great group of animal friends.

The characters came to life in my studio and can now be used in classrooms and homes across the country.  For more information or to order online, head to the website –BOOK

There is a “Healthy Skills” poster available as well.  Click here for ordering information.  POSTER

This will be the first of many projects I do with Brainfood Garden — stay tuned for more!

Have a wonderful and healthy day!  ~ Tara