Holiday Gift Wrap for Dog Lovers!

Available online NOW from Current.

I am so thrilled to have my art included in the Current Catalog offering for this holiday season!  I have ordered cards, calendars, gift wrap and more from Current since I was in college.  And I have been out of school… for a while. 🙂

These lovable dogs are George (white with the black eye) and Gracie (brown) – named by my son in honor of 2 ducks that used to visit our house when he was in preschool.

This gift wrap is available online in jumbo rolls and there are coordinating gift tags as well.

Go fetch before they are gone!

~ Tara


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4 Responses to “Holiday Gift Wrap for Dog Lovers!”

  1. Susan Donley Says:

    Very fun, Tara! Love it! I agree, being in the Current catalog is the Design Big-Time — Congratulations! (I’ve been ordering from them for eons, as well! ;-b)

  2. Ariane Says:

    Oh, Tara, good for you! I love the range of work you do, and how disciplined you are getting it all done!

  3. Pam/Dieverdog Says:

    I’m delving deeper into “Tara-world” after following you on Twitter…. great stuff! Love the dogs, too. I used to do cute art like this and have strayed far, far away from it for some time now… you are inspiring me to get back to drawing again! I love your website and blog… fun, fabulous and inspirational. I, too, remember Current from many years ago – kudos to getting in their catalog!

  4. Gwen Cover Says:

    I knew these must be your’s when I got my Current Catalog. We have lost touch, but wanted you to know that I will be ordering lots of this wrap for my holiday presents. I am now the owner of 3 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and helping also with their rescue. I’ll pass the word how cute these are. Hope you are well, and you must have a teenager by now. Are you still in MD? Gwen

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