Coffee Cross-Stitch sighted at Jo-Ann Stores!

The other day my sister, who is as un-crafty as you get, called me.  “Oh, by the way, I was at Jo-Ann Fabric with a friend and showed her your cross-stitch kit…”  It just rolled out like no big deal, like, “by the way, it’s raining”, that sort of thing.  

Now this 1 sentence-wonder stopped me in my tracks on 2 counts.  The first being my need to clarify, “Wait a minute…” I began, “You were where?

“Jo-Ann Fabric” she replied.

Why?” I asked.  I don’t think my sister has taken out her sewing machine since she taught me to make some crazy looking balloon-like shorts in the early ’90s.  (Of which neither of us are proud so you’ll never see a picture of those!)

Anyway, to shorten the story, she was there for her friend and happened to find the stamped cross-stitch kits shown here.  It was the first I knew they were there.  

Thought I’d let you know in case you are itching to stitch!  

Have a creative day!

~ Tara

P.S. Let me know if you see my designs anywhere, this story illustrates how I’m often the last to know!


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One Response to “Coffee Cross-Stitch sighted at Jo-Ann Stores!”

  1. Brenda Pinnick Says:

    Tara, these are so adorable! I think they’ll do really well, the perfect mix of fresh and fun design!
    I’ll keep my eye out for any other products and report back! Too funny about your sis, I know how that goes.

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