Orphan Works Legislation: Dear Congress, my art has a loving family, don’t take custody!

My art is no orphan, thank you very much!  If you are an artist, you have probably heard about this bill that is cruising through Congress at lightening speed that will make it easy for people or companies to use art and just say “I didn’t know whose it was”, whether they just chose to take your name off it to save some money or it was actually true.  Then if you go say, “Hey, that would be mine, thank you very much!”  there is really very little ramification.

It’s happened time and time again– when it is easy to save a buck by pleading ignorance, many will do just that.  And where does that leave we artists?  Closer to the “starving” stereotype I’m afraid!  This will seriously affect an artists ability to make a living creating art.

If you want more information about this, Brenda Pinnick and Joanne Fink were just interviewed at the CHA summer show and you can see what they have to say.  These two sharp women have been campaigning hard and deserve the thanks of everyone who puts pen or paint to paper.  The interview was on July 21 so search for that date if it isn’t still on the main page of the link below.

See the interview

If this upsets you, find more information and what you can do to help fight this by visiting the

Orphan Works Opposition Headquarters website

Have a creative day, don’t get stuck in the negativity and give up, but be sure to join the fight. 🙂

~ Tara



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