blog re-organization

I know, I know… I just started this blog and already I’m reorganizing.  Sorry!  🙂

I decided it was already getting confusing so I needed to create more obvious differences between my blogs so people can find what they want.  SO…. this is my “artist blog” — where I will blog about what I’m working on in my licensing, new products, etc.  For people interested in my work.

My other blog, will be for artists.  This is where I will post things relevant to artists wanting to learn more about licensing their art.  It will have marketing, computer and inspiration tips.  Basically, my neighbor who likes my art will come to my artist blog (that you are reading) and have very little interest in the artlicensinginfo blog.  Make sense?

I hope so!  Feel free to bookmark and visit the blog that is best for you!  Leave a comment, talk to me!  But most of all, have a wonderful day!


P.S.  If you are looking for a post about wine and branding, or braces and action, head to the other blog. 🙂


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