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Orphan Works Legislation: Dear Congress, my art has a loving family, don’t take custody!

July 21, 2008

My art is no orphan, thank you very much!  If you are an artist, you have probably heard about this bill that is cruising through Congress at lightening speed that will make it easy for people or companies to use art and just say “I didn’t know whose it was”, whether they just chose to take your name off it to save some money or it was actually true.  Then if you go say, “Hey, that would be mine, thank you very much!”  there is really very little ramification.

It’s happened time and time again– when it is easy to save a buck by pleading ignorance, many will do just that.  And where does that leave we artists?  Closer to the “starving” stereotype I’m afraid!  This will seriously affect an artists ability to make a living creating art.

If you want more information about this, Brenda Pinnick and Joanne Fink were just interviewed at the CHA summer show and you can see what they have to say.  These two sharp women have been campaigning hard and deserve the thanks of everyone who puts pen or paint to paper.  The interview was on July 21 so search for that date if it isn’t still on the main page of the link below.

See the interview

If this upsets you, find more information and what you can do to help fight this by visiting the

Orphan Works Opposition Headquarters website

Have a creative day, don’t get stuck in the negativity and give up, but be sure to join the fight. 🙂

~ Tara


Happy 4th of July!

July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!  I hope you take time today to think about what you love about this country and the freedoms we enjoy.

When I was in high school I was an exchange student in France during my junior year.  I remember when we studied the US and they were asking me about different people in my family.  My great uncle was a paratrooper on D-Day in Normandy, which wasn’t far from where we were.  They asked me about him and I told them what I knew.  The thing that amazed everyone, even the teacher, was how relatively easy it is to be as successful as you want in business in the US.  My uncle started in very humble beginnings and built a successful business for himself.  Their astonishment at that was an eye-opening experience for me.

In many countries the opportunities aren’t as readily available as they are here — in the US, with hard work and determination, people can achieve their dreams.  So dream big and figure out how to make it a reality!

Enjoy your day — have fun and be safe!

~ Tara

The answer: 14,520 M&Ms™ edge to edge

July 3, 2008

The Question: How tall is the Seattle Space Needle?

My son & I went to Seattle for a much-needed 2 day break.  Our main destination was the “Experience Music Project” museum — complete with a large exhibit about Seattle native Jimmy Hendrix.  My son is an aspiring Rock Star so he was into it.

I was less into the roller coaster he decided we should ride that gave me whip-lash… seriously.  I have NEVER heard my neck crack like that while on a roller coaster and I love them.  Don’t tell me I’m getting too old… I won’t believe you.  🙂

My big find was this cool, artsy hotel in downtown Seattle.  I felt hip just walking in. The lobby was dark gray.  The hallways were dark and all the doors had photographs on them and a light above it.  The windows looked like eye charts but if you look closely, it says “HOTEL MAX” over and over.  Each room featured original art from a Seattle artist –the photos in the halls were by local photographers as well.  If you are headed to Seattle, you might want to check it out.

I got a great deal on the room from a website a friend recently told me about.  You might want to check that out too.

We had a great time exploring the city, seeing some sites and “creating memories” as we both kept saying. 🙂  Be sure to have some fun and relaxation soon!

~ Tara

blog re-organization

July 2, 2008

I know, I know… I just started this blog and already I’m reorganizing.  Sorry!  🙂

I decided it was already getting confusing so I needed to create more obvious differences between my blogs so people can find what they want.  SO…. this is my “artist blog” — where I will blog about what I’m working on in my licensing, new products, etc.  For people interested in my work.

My other blog, will be for artists.  This is where I will post things relevant to artists wanting to learn more about licensing their art.  It will have marketing, computer and inspiration tips.  Basically, my neighbor who likes my art will come to my artist blog (that you are reading) and have very little interest in the artlicensinginfo blog.  Make sense?

I hope so!  Feel free to bookmark and visit the blog that is best for you!  Leave a comment, talk to me!  But most of all, have a wonderful day!


P.S.  If you are looking for a post about wine and branding, or braces and action, head to the other blog. 🙂