Surtex Trade Show

I LOVE New York City!  I just returned from my annual trek to exhibit at Surtex – a trade show where artists show their work and manufacturers come looking for art.  I met with many current clients and hopefully met some new ones – I’ll keep you posted!

One of the best parts of the show is that my sister comes and works with me in my booth– guaranteed “sister time” each year.  We have a great time and always see a show or two at night.  This year we saw “Curtains” – a new musical starring David Hyde Pierce (he was Niles in the TV Show Frasier) — very good! Phantom of the Opera is still a winner for us — it was my third time and Christine’s 4th or 5th — she has lost count.  🙂

This is a picture from our booth.  Thank you to everyone who stopped by!

Be well — Tara

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4 Responses to “Surtex Trade Show”

  1. denise clason Says:

    Congratulations on Surtex, Tara! So excited to see someone do so well with their work! I’m still sitting around waiting for the good fairy to kick me off of the fence and start painting/drawing!

    Keep us posted on new license’s! Denise

  2. artisttarareed Says:

    Denise — consider me a fairy and just draw or paint ONE THING today! 🙂 Time to get off the fence.

  3. denise Says:

    thanks for the encouragement, Tara! I’ve even gone to Surtex to see what it was all about 2 years ago! I knew then that it would take only one trip to decided that I wanted to do what you’re not afraid of doing! thanks again!


  4. deborah simmons Says:

    Hello, glad to hear you had nice success at Surtex. I have been a gift product manufacturer for 15 years and am considering closing down the manufacturing and enter the surface design (surtex) world. My question is: With the overall gift market and economy softening, do you have an opinion on the overall traffic and business trend with surtex – especially being a new comer, I would be concerned. Appreciate any thoughts?

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